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Robot palletizer equipped with vacuum gripper

  • robot paletizador con pinza ventosa
  • mecanismo de pinza ventosa para paletización con robot
  • paletizacion robotizada: robot paletizador en marcha
  • maquina de paletizado en funcionamiento
  • robot industrial: sistema de paletización automática mediante robot
  • linea paletizado por robot y enfardado

Robot palletizer equipped with vacuum gripper

Manipulation and transport of pallets, boxes and bags until 35 Kg.

Robot palletizers custom-built, for the handling:
– All kinds of paper bags (valve, open rim), plastic, raffia…
– Boxes, carafes,drums, various parts…

High production and possibility of palletizing to 2 destinations simultaneously. It is settled on an adjustable bench.It Includes fences and security access.Very compact cells and minimum space occupation. It offers greater versatility and easy mosaics development thanks to the Arco Packaging software developed for the end-user.

  • Wide range of palletizing cells.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Avoid external pallet feeder, it is incorporated in own manipulation gripper.

Vacuum Gripper:

  • Vacuums with extra absorption.
  • It allows to hold two bags simultaneously.
  • Collection system for empty pallet.
  • Pneumatic drives with valve block at 24 Vcc.
  • Pneumatic supply at 6 bar of pressure and minimum flow 700 Nl/min.


PDF file: PDF(Download more information)


Robot palletizer equipped with vacuum gripper:

Load capacity Kg 110-130 180-210
Range mm 2400 3150
Number of axes 4 4
Work envelope mm 2403/1786 3150//2980
Protection mm IP67 IP67
Power supply V 200-600 50/60 Hz 200-600 50/60 hZ
Power Kw 3,67 3,2