Vertical FFS bagging system double bags | ECF-BS

Vertical bagging system FFS for double plastic bags

Bagging system with flat reel that allows a continuous production and automates the three processes of the bagging: it forms, fills and seals the bags.
  • High production.
  • Management program designed for simple and intuitive operation.
  • Product dosage by volume and by weight.
  • Bags with different finishes: English fold, die-cut and double die-cut.
Manufacture of machines for filling polyethylene/polypropylene bags, with double independent department.

Some of the products to be bagged include:
  • Sands, silica, mortar, gravel, micro concrete
  • Substrate, washing powder, rice
  • Chimicals, pellets, fertilizers
  • Seeds, pet food, granular fertilizer, pellets