It is one of our natural sectors, where we have 45 years of experience.

We have a wide range of products such as: vertical mixers, satellite-planetary mixers, twin-shaft mixers, horizontal ribbon mixers, as well as complements and customised solutions for each concrete installation.

Our machinery and projects make us a reference in this sector, being distributed internationally in many countries, with a high level of satisfaction from our customers.

We are characterized by the quality, robustness, durability, reliability and high productivity of our products, being able to work in difficult environmental conditions.

Prefabricated concrete

Our company has been one of the leading players in the precast concrete sector for 45 years, driven by our involvement in the creation of a more sustainable and digital material during the transformation of this industry.

Our industrial machinery and facilities are linked to the advances of digitalisation in the production of precast concrete.

To provide a solution for this sector, we have developed mixers designed to meet the requirements of our customers in the production of precast concrete: continuous mixers, helical mixers, planetary mixers and vertical mixers.


It is a very specific and technified sector, in which we have been leaders in Europe since 1980, providing guaranteed quality and optimisation of mixing, dosing equipment, weighing, bagging, palletising and wrapping.

These processes are essential in mortar manufacturing and a crucial part of making our customers’ production efficient.

In the mixing process we have batch mixers designed to achieve homogeneous and high quality mixtures. Our dosing systems meet the technical specifications required to accurately measure each component of the mixed mortar.

On the other hand, we also have packaging machines: bagging machines to place the mortar in bags and sacks for subsequent transport and storage. Also palletisers to facilitate the handling and storage of the mortar bags, as well as wrapping machines that reduce production time and increase the consistency of the final product.


We have a great deal of experience in this sector, in addition to the constant evolution and innovation to which all our machines are subjected.

We have more than 40 years of experience offering solutions and a wide range of options, designing processes and equipment to work perfectly in the aggregate sector.

We have industrial mixers ideal for mixing different types of materials such as sand, gravel, cement, among others, for the manufacture of concrete and mortar.

In addition, we provide pneumatic conveying systems for conveying bulk materials such as sand, gravel, and other powdery materials. Also baghouse filters to clean the air from dust during the crushing and grinding processes.

Our big bag filling system is used to fill bags with bulk materials. Bagging machines for filling sand bags and other minerals such as perlite and silica.

These products are not only essential for the construction industry and material manufacturing, but also help us to offer a complete and high quality service to our customers.


The chemical sector has experienced a great growth in the last decades, therefore we have designed and manufactured machinery and plants to satisfy people’s needs and improve their quality of life.

We have state-of-the-art industrial machinery specialised in facilitating the processing of solids. Among this machinery, we develop pneumatic conveying systems, sleeve filters and dosing and weighing equipment.

In the chemical sector, we have been able to prove the quality of our equipment with materials such as feldspar, hydroxides and aluminium sulphate.

Our pneumatic conveying systems are capable of conveying these materials efficiently and safely; our baghouses are ideal for separating particles and dusts found in chemical processes.

We also provide accurate and reliable weighing systems, allowing precise control of the amount of material used in each process.



We intelligently create processes to use as little space and time as possible, enabling our customers to maximise product quality and helping them with the design of automated plants in the agri-food sector.

A large part of our machinery for the agri-food sector is divided into:

  • Blending system for the production of high quality foodstuffs and products.
  • Mixing processes to combine different ingredients and/or raw materials such as cereals, flours, grains, proteins, vitamins, minerals, among others.
  • Bagging machines, ideal for packaging pellets, grains and other granular products quickly and efficiently.
  • Robotic palletisers and high-level palletisers, capable of handling, placing and packing bags on pallets automatically, with great precision and speed.
  • Wrapping machines, which are ideal for the packaging of bulk products (cereals, flours, seeds and other similar products).

In short, our company has a wide range of packaging machinery, which allows us to offer a complete and efficient service to our customers.


Over the years, we have evolved in order to preserve the environment. This interest has led us to enter the recycling and waste treatment sector.

In recent years, we have seen how our innovations and technologies have helped improve the way our customers manage waste materials, recycling and composting.

For this reason, we intervene in projects for the environmental sector, where we have continuous mixers for inertisation, guaranteeing an adequate neutralisation of the chemical product or hazardous waste.

Next to industrial environmental mixers, we offer washing systems for tanks and mixers, created to clean, disinfect the equipment used and avoid contamination in compliance with environmental regulations.

This is especially important in industrial applications and hazardous waste management, where safe and efficient handling of toxic substances is required.