Batch mixer Basic Series | HLV

Horizontal-shaft batch mortar mixer for dry/semi-dry fine material

High performance machines designed for sectors as diverse as:

Grey mortars Single-layer mortars Casts
Dry Semi-dry Fibrous
Powdered Granulates

Model HLV: Number of castings according to model.

  • Vat of solid construction in anti-wear steel.
  • Mixing system with anti-wear steel blades.
  • Pneumatically operated discharge gates.
  • Number of castings according to model.
  • Upper product inlets to mixer.
  • Safety interlocks on inspection hatches.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Spare parts are always in stock.

Laboratory Model: Laboratory mixer for powdered material from pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biochemical and metallurgical industries.

Highly versatile, it achieves a high quality of mixture in a reduced mixing time and without damage or deterioration of the product. In some cases, to obtain a homogeneous mixture, high speed agitators can be installed.