Washing system for mixers

High pressure washing system for mixers, reduces maintenance and extends the life of the machinery.

The use of a washing system for mixers is a necessity for those processes in which it is necessary to fill the machinery with products other than those previously used. For these cases it is advisable to use this automatic or manual cleaning system that guarantees the safety of workers and also reduces downtimes.

The cleaning cycle performed by the washing system is produced by high pressure water jets and can be:

  • Automatic: by means of pressurized water jets thanks to the use of roating heads.

  • Manual: by means a lance with wihch operator is cleaning the inside of the cubicle.

In addition, it has its own touch screen device designed to control and monitor the entire washing system.

  • Increase in security.
  • Optimum cleaning effect.
  • Reduction of cleaning time.
  • Longer life of machinery.
  • Reduction in maintanance costs.

Washing system with enclosure

The enclosure for washing systems is carefully designed to fulfil a double essential function: to dampen the sound level generated during the process and to safeguard all the mechanical components that make up the system.

The incorporation of this enclosure not only creates a quieter and more pleasant working environment for operators, but also provides comprehensive protection for the mechanical elements, reducing the risk of premature wear and tear and breakdowns. This additional protection means less maintenance and a longer service life for the washing system as a whole.

In addition, our enclosed washing system guarantees outstanding efficiency in the cleaning process of industrial mixers. By having a proper enclosure, we are able to minimise the dispersion of particles and liquids during washing, resulting in a more hygienic and contamination-free working environment.