Pneumatic Transport Dense Phase

Pneumatic transport dense phase by push under pressure, with slow transport speed and high load for delicate transport.

This system is ideal for the transport of prepared mixtures since it prevents their disintegration. It is also suitable for applications such as continuous supply to the plant, automatic feeding of production lines, transport of batches for weight gain, loading and unloading of silo, mixer, hoppers, big-bag unloading, etc.

Control system, valid for up to 10 components, multiple functions: selection of the type of component, control by weight or filling level, instant visualization product / weight and integrable with the general control equipment of the plant.

Applications for granulated, pulverulent products and mixtures in sectors such as:

Cement Ash Mortar
Agri-food sector Environment Waste treatment
Mineral Powdery Granulated


  • Less wear and air consumption and energy due to the lower speed of transport.
  • Simple and clean system.
  • No segregation of mixtures.