Pan turbo mixer | MV

For high quality concrete and general applications.

Due to its robustness and versatility, this vertical shaft mixer allows a wide application in the Public Works sector cement / concrete, prefabricated, refractory and environmental processes (glass and inert).

It consists of a vertical-shaft rotor and a system of springs that make the arms adapt to an obstacle in the material to avoid possible breakage. The position of the arms is prepared to cover the entire mixing area.

The mixing of materials is produced by turning the arms at high speed, moving the mixture from the centre to the rear walls. The arms have a special curve that allows a good mixing avoiding the possibility of breakage.

Short mixing time and high efficiency in complex mixtures. Homogeneity in all geometry avoiding dead spots or low movement areas in the tank.

  • External and internal side scrapers that keep the material in the mixing area.
  • Inner linings in alloy steel with 400HB for a longer duration.
  • Superior Ni_Hard cast iron blades, for minimum wear.
  • Hydraulic discharge gates.
  • All spare parts guaranteed.
  • Low maintenance.