Engineering and projects

At Arco Met7, we are experts in engineering and installations of:
  • Concrete Plants
  • Precast Plants
  • Mortar Plants
  • Aggregates Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Agri-Food Plants
  • Waste and Environment Plants
We have a high level of expertise in these industries working with the client to understand their specific needs and developing a project plan that meets their objectives and requirements.

We offer partial or total installation services of processes and additional elements in plants, including design, manufacture and complete assembly of plants.

In the case of installations, we have dosing systems, forklifts and elevators, as well as storage systems in silos, hoppers and big bags. We also provide adjustments to control cabinets and wrapping and filling systems for different materials.

We develop plants for the manufacture of various materials in the construction and mining industries, supplying the necessary systems and components (mechanical, electrical, electronic and pneumatic) for their correct operation. This includes both safety systems in silos, connections and centralised pneumatic installations in cabinets.

We also carry out on-site pre-assembled installations with electronic components and elements. These accessories are manufactured in our facilities before being transported to the customer’s site. The idea is to speed up the installation process while reducing time.

How do we carry out plant installation projects?

We carry out a detailed analysis of the customer’s needs to ensure that the machinery and equipment we manufacture is perfectly suited to their specific process and requirements.

In this phase, studies are also carried out to determine the necessary capacity and efficiency, as well as to define the necessary control and automation systems in the plant installation.

Our design engineers then develop the drawings and specifications for the machinery and equipment. These drawings are reviewed with the customer to ensure that they meet all requirements and to obtain their approval prior to fabrication.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, our teams of engineers perform extensive testing of the machinery and equipment to ensure that it meets all requirements and is ready to be installed at the customer’s plant.

In addition, during the installation process, our engineers supervise the process and carry out the commissioning of the machinery and equipment. We are committed to offering a comprehensive service, and for that we have an expert team trained in plant installations, ensuring that your project is carried out successfully.

Our quality policy based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard guarantees Arcomet7’s permanent commitment to innovation in the manufacture and design of industrial machinery for our customers.

We are certified for structures in accordance with the 10:90 standard.