Planetary Mixer | MST

Mixing arms to obtain high quality concrete and refractories

Planetary mixer wich specific design makes it adequate to the following processes :

  • Concrete

  • Precast.

  • Dry mix mortar

  • Terraces

Homogeneous mixture due to the action of the assembly composed of three planetary arms (one or two sets depending on the model). These planets are rotating simultaneously about its own axis and shake whole mixture without “dead zones”.

Side scrapers to set the material in the direction of the mixture in order to guarantee an homogeneous mix in a short period of time.

  • 10 mm lining, 400HB or superios, to guaranty long life of linnings.

  • Discharge gate activated by hydraulic cylinder but also have manual emergency pump to open the lid in the case of electricity supply failure.

  • Discharge gate have anti wear linning. Mixing paddles also could be made of Synthetic rubber of 65 Shoes.

  • All spare parts guaranteed.

  • Low maintenance.