A Satellite Mixer MST-1500 has been supplied for one of the main pre-molding manufacturers in Argentina, in the province of Buenos Aires.

This mixer model is ideal for pre-molding production plants since its mixing system is formed by satellite arms that rotate on their own axis and around the mixer, creating a centrifugal effect and avoiding dead zones, which achieves a homogeneous and quality mixture in a short period of time.

All Arco Met 7 mixers are manufactured to be very resistant and durable, incorporating internal steel alloy linings to achieve minimum wear.

In this case, several complements have been supplied:

  • Electric panel prepared for the control and strength of the mixer. It incorporates manual controls for simple and intuitive operation, emergency stop for greater safety during the process and a static starter (45 kw) that ensures smooth, progressive starting.
  • Washing system for the automatic cleaning of the mixer cycle by cycle through 3 rotating heads that throw water under pressure for an optimal cleaning in a short period of time. One of the main advantages of this system is that it allows the reuse of the water used during the cleaning process, thus reducing costs and improving the environmental impact.
  • Moisture Sensor Arcomix-V2, in this case, the mixer has a built-in Arco Mix V2 moisture sensor, which allows the humidity during the mixing process to be known, so that the amount of water to be dosed can be regulated in real time, thus achieving the humidity required to guarantee the quality of the concrete.

We continue to strengthen our position in the concrete and precast sector in Argentina, we have a technical-commercial delegation that allows us to give a fast and personalized attention, that is why more and more clients trust us.