Gross weight manual bagger | EPB

Gross weight manual bagger | EPB

Gross weight manual bagger for open mouth bags filing in various sectors.

It is ideal to industries that require an easy installation with a low maintenance and a high production. Moreover, it has a sturdy design and it is easy to use.

  • Arid, pellet, animal feed, fertilizers, sands, soil mix/ gardening.
  • Grain products with a regular flow such as cereals, plastic grains, seeds and grain fertilizers.

It allows open mouth bags made on different mateialias such as: paper, fiber, polyethylene, etc.

Weight controller under regulations of electromagnetic compatibility: EN 45 501. It shows the process condition andi t counts on a double cut system providing quality and accurancy during bags filling.


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Product Description

Gross weight manual bagger

    • Holding Hopper depending on bag size.
    • Medium production based on product density (from 3 to 5 bags per minute, from 15 to 30 kg).
    • Dosage system depends on the product.
    • Double aspiration mouth.
    • Bag holding tweezers low pressure (bag setting) and high pressure (dosage start), pedal control.
    • Gravity dosage in belt conveyor.


  • Adjustable frame
  • Closing or sewing machine
  • Conveyor or screw feeder
  • Conveyor to pick up bags after process