Big bag filling system

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Big bag filling system

Big Bags filling systems allow the bagging of products in large bags in a convenient and easy way.                                                                           Different models available according to the characteristics of the product.

The system of extraction of the big bags can be done by means of a forklift or automatic with a track of rollers

Field of application for all product types to be presented in this format:

  • For regular flow products, such as: fertilizers, cereals, seeds, pellets, etc.
  • For products with irregular flow, such as: scales, feed, etc.
  • For products of powder or low granulometry, such as: flour, salt, minerals, etc.


  • BIG BAGS FILLING SYSTEMS BY ROLLER TRACK. Automatic system with roller tracks for the extraction and accumulation of large complete bags.
  • BIG BAGS FILLING SYSTEMS BY WEIGHING PLATFORM.Suitable systems for simple and / or mobile installations.

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Product Description

Big bag filling machine

  • Optimal system for easy filling, weighing and big-bag packing.
  • Reduction of the time of big-bag filling, besides a perfect precision with the quantity of product that you want to introduce.
  • It has electronic touch equipment (AE-9220P.BB) for the filling and automation of the process.



  • Support for big-bag.
  • Dosing system for filling.
  • Blow for sacs system.