Open mouth Bagging machine | EAPA

  • ensacadora de saco abierto

Open mouth Bagging machine | EAPA

For open bags filling to 50kg

  • Sector application: aggregates, gravel, fertilizers, granulated products.
  • Hopper/ previous weighing scale suspended on three load cells.
  • Digital electronic weighing system.
  • Filling of bags by gravity through feedeing belt.
  • Adjustable height of nozzle (by demand of client).
  • Production depends of density product 0,6-1,6 kg/l.
  • Manual function.


PDF file: PDFManual filling machine (Spanish + English)


Product Description

WEIGHT 1200 Kg
PRODUCTION For valve bags of 25 kg (density 0,6-1,6 kg/l):
4,5-9 tn/h.
MECHANIC FEATURES – Frame support. Hopper for product.
– Feeder conveyor 1,5/2 kw.
– Previous hopper / scale for product..
– Amortization system and double gate shut off, pneumatic system .
– Detector of bags.
– Hopper with clamp for bags.
– Height of nozzle: 1,25m.
ELECTRIC FEATURES – Manual electrical panel fixed on rack support.
– Equipment AE-9228 EN-SAC microprocessor control.


  • Sealing system for bags.
  • Hopper.
  • Feeding belt.
  • Conveyor belt.