The installation of two special vertical mixers for glass production has been carried out.

In this case, two mixers model MV-4500 have been supplied for one of the largest glass container manufacturers in the world, for a production of approximately 4500 kg / cycle.

The machine has articulated arms with a system of anti-breakage springs that carry out the mixing without causing agglomerations of material or breaks in the arms. It also has side and bottom scrapers to prevent the generation of dead spots.

The 10 mm thick anti-wear coating installed in the tank prevents possible detachment due to the abrasiveness of the material.

For the manufacture of glass, steam is required during the mixing process, which is why the machine has steam injection points distributed throughout its geometry.

Two control and force cabinets with an electronic starting system have also been supplied to guarantee a smooth and progressive start. In addition, each cabinet has a double safety key (electrical and mechanical) for the mixer.

To measure the humidity during the mixing process, an Arcomix-V2 humidity sensor has been installed at the bottom of the vat, which makes an accurate, real-time reading using digital microwave technology.