Arco Met 7 has been offering solutions for the bagging of aggregates, as well as complete lines for palletizing and wrapping, for more than 40 years.

The working environment in aggregate quarries tends to have a large amount of dust and humidity. Arco Met 7 machines have been designed to work perfectly under these adverse weather conditions.

The aggregate can be bagged both in small bags of about 12 – 25 kg or in large-format bags of the Big Bag of about 1,500 kg. Arco Met 7 has a wide range of products to adapt to both small and large productions:

   Líneas de ensacado de áridosAggregate bagging machine:

– Vertical FFS bagging system | ECF: allows the automatic formation, filling and sealing of pillow-type plastic bags. It has several models depending on the necessary production. Its high precision weighing system together with the servo-motor sealing and cutting process, allow to obtain clean, compact, completely sealed and perfectly weighed bags.




In addition, to make the process completely automatic, palletizing lines can be incorporated into the process. Arco Met 7 has both robot palletizers for small and medium productions, as well as traditional palletizers for large productions.

Sistema de llenado Big Bag áridos

Big Bag filling system for aggregates.

– For the bagging of aggregates in Big Bags, Arco Met 7 has several systems depending on the degree of automation required and the needs of the installation. In this way, the filling of large-format bags is carried out comfortably and easily. Weighing is carried out with great precision thanks to the incorporation of a weight controller approved under class 3.


Arco Met 7 in the aggregates sector.

Arco Met 7’s extensive experience has enabled it to constantly develop and improve its products to offer the most complete solutions that are adaptable to the needs of the sector.