The automation, the solid additive dosing system and the mixer have been supplied for an important powdered mortar factory in Argentina.

For the automation and control of the whole process it has been supplied:

  • Arco A-9030 Basic Mortar System, which carries out the control, weighing and dosage in the plant.
  • Arco Dry Mix software, which makes it possible to control and supervise all the processes of a mortar plant in real time: formula management, weighing, dosage of majority, minority and manual products, production control, creation of reports or analysis of the efficiency of the plant, among others.
  • Electrical power and control panel for the whole plant: design of the electrical diagrams, manufacture of the cabinet and interconnection of all the elements of the plant.

For the dosage of additives / minority:

  • A minority dosage system has also been supplied, consisting of 6 additive hoppers and a plate scale that discharges by tipping, allowing quality dosage without caking the additives.

During the mixing process the Mixer HLV-1500 2 emptying will be used:

  • Horizontal discontinuous mixer ideal for the production of mortar It allows high quality and homogeneous results to be obtained in a short period of time with an approximate production of 25,000 Kg / hour. The vat of this model and its mixing blades are made of anti-wear steel, and it also has two side scrapers to avoid dead zones during the process.

The plant will be started up in the coming months with the technical support of Arco Electrónica and Arco Met 7 which we have in South America.